I  just got my copy of the new Yearbook Fanzine in the post which features an editorial I did whilst in London with Cameron Mcnee. You can get your copy here either in print or digital 🙂 It’s also up on Models.com. When I was a teenager I used to look up to everyone on that site and now I’m on it! It’s amazing how things work out 😀

Cameron and I have worked together twice. Our first shoot was for Attitude magazine for the new Marc Jacobs collection which you can see on my site here. We got along straight away he is from Australia and we spoke about my visit to Melbourne.

This time around we wanted to do something that was more cinematic so I could play a few characters. We connected on a love for Peter Pan and my acting idol River Phoenix. Which you can see in the editorial I’m wearing a t-shirt with River on from Stand By Me, one of my favourite coming of age films. We shot in London Fields and at Cameron’s flat in Hackney. The reason the editorial is called The Voyeur is a conversation that was sparked by myself and Cameron about how I love to people watch 😉

Hope you guys like the editorial and some extra shots that didn’t make it to the magazine.

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