My parents came to visit me for the first time since I’ve been living in LA for a year and a half. They both live in Market Drayton in the West Midlands of England and they divorced when I was a baby. It was a whole new experience for me and them to be staying all together for two whole weeks at my place in Laurel Canyon! I know it was overwhelming for them sometimes to be in Hollywood and being so reliant on me to take them places.There were a few heated moments but overall I had an amazing time with them I got to see them not just as my parents but as people. I love them so much flaws and all.

I went for a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon with my dad. The Grand Canyon has been somewhere I had been dying to see since watching it in films and being there is a magical experience it’s definitely one of my favourite places in the world. If any of you guys get the chance to do it I recommend the company Maverick and a tip for you…be the first couple to sit at the front of the helicopter. You get to see the best views and sit there for longer.

I also surprised my dad by telling him I’d booked a skydive for him and me. I couldn’t pull that kind of thing with my mum ;P My dad introduced me to the film Point Break and ever since seeing that I’ve wanted to do a skydive. It was a great experience and one I’m so glad I got to share with my dad. There was a moment just as the instructor leans forward and you start to free fall with him out of the plane where my head told me to grab on to the side and I realised there was nothing to grab onto! I’m smiling in the pictures but I can assure you I was terrified haha then I relaxed into it and really started to take it all in. The company we went through was Bucket List Skydiving and they were great they filmed it for us aswell our instructors were awesome and friendly. Below are pictures from the dive, the Grand Canyon and time with my parents.

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