This Is a Shoot I did with  Julia Johnston on El Matador Beach. We drove there at 4am to make sure we were there for sunrise. It was so quiet on the road and the views were beautiful. We listened to The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Then on the way back we were listening to Santana and The Gypsy Kings. I was attempting to sing in Spanish 😀 You gotta love me for trying!! We did the shoot in an hour and then felt like zombies after the adrenaline rush so we went to IHop to stock up on energy 🙂 I was inspired by the start of the film Savages with Blake Lively walking along the beach and saying ‘Just because i’m telling you this story doesn’t mean i’m alive at the end of it’ I loved the emotion in her face and the way the beach was such a cleansing place yet the ocean is still so wild and can be dangerous. The first pictures are my favourites and the second set are some outtakes and funny ones. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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IMG_2625 2 IMG_2626 2 IMG_2662 2 IMG_2665 2 IMG_2643 2 IMG_2652 2 IMG_2582 2 IMG_2693 2 IMG_2719 2 IMG_2712 2 IMG_2725 2 IMG_2734 3 IMG_2731 2 IMG_2743 2 IMG_2738 2 IMG_2739 4
IMG_2756 2
IMG_2746 2 IMG_2764 2 IMG_2765 2 IMG_2775 2


IMG_2565 IMG_2709 IMG_2711 IMG_2756
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