I finally made it to someone’s Man Crush Monday!!!! Thanks Galore!!! Below are some images from my shoot with Prince and Jacob for Galore magazine. You can also click here to see the interview I did with them also.

Prince and Jacob found me through my social media and approached me about shooting. Of course I was excited as Galore are really individual and have the same feel as the magazines I grew up with in the 90s.

The Galore office is so cool. On a hill looking over LA. You feel like you’re stepping back in time with Spice Girl and Lil Kim posters on the wall. Old school TVs, Leopard Print sofa and 80s/90s throwbacks. You can see me with a pink phone they had deep in conversation with someone special 🙂 I loved that prince and Jacob create a cool environment for you to play in.

I love the images we came up they have a vintage aesthetic. Something I love. They were shot on a few different types of cameras throughout the shoot. Hope you enjoy them too!

After working with them they asked me to come join them for a shoot the next day with Ellen Von Unwerth and Maddie Ziegler. So I rushed across Hollywood on my break from work and did a few shots. It was so fun and spur of the moment. They helped make one of my dreams come true shooting with Ellen. Reminding me there are awesome people out there. Keep an eye on Galore’s website for the editorial 🙂