Just finished up filming a scene for my showreel from the film Ordinary people. It’s a brilliant film if you haven’t seen it before about a family coming to terms with the loss. I play the part of Conrad the son who was there when his brother died which then drove Conrad to try and commit suicide. His family send him away to a psychiatric hospital where he meets a girl called Karen played by Julia Johnston  and they bond over there commonality of pain. In the scene Conrad and Karen meet for the first time in a few months after leaving the hospital. Im studying at the Ivanna Chubuck Studio and really enjoying applying her technique when working on scenes. Using substitutions and inner objects to help create layers to the scene.  I identified a lot with this character and his need for hope from Karen who he was once so close to but not wanting scare her away because she has her life all together, or so it seems.  Here’s the link to the scene and a link to my new  showreel. I hope you enjoy them 🙂