I booked the EQUINOX 2016 campaign recently and shot it with one of my all time favourite photographers Steven Klein! Some amazing things have been happening for me in the past few months and It’s really reiterating to me the importance and power of positive thinking and attracting the things you want to you. There were a few shoots I’m a part of for Equinox. One is called The Cult which you can see the brief for in one of the pictures and I was alsoin the background of The Activist.

I had a casting and call back before I booked the shoot. Both in my boxers 😀 Then I did a fitting at MILK Studios, running from the Mouche gallery where I work at on my break to make sure the clothes fit me for the shoot the next day. All the boys wore cashmere white Joggers which were basically see through! I asked to keep them at the end but they wouldn’t let me 😛 All the models were really cool. I got along with Lauren straight away as she is a fellow Brit and had moved to LA for her music career. We had a right laugh being goofy and making each other giggle talking about England.

The shoot was at Golden Oak Ranch which is owned by Disney. It was in the middle of nowhere with random buildings that were used as sets as you can see in the panorama picture. Call time was 7am and we shot until 7pm. Everyone on set was so much fun and good energy. From the stylist Mel Ottenberg, to the hairstylist Chris McMillan, models and of course Steven Klein.

Steven was really interesting to shoot with I’ve always loved his work because there is so much story and imagination that goes into it. You can tell he shot it. There is always a dark and sexy element to it. He was very specific about what he was looking for from the models and where he wanted us placed. The Cult shoot we only shot for an hour but we were there most of the day having fun and joking around but when it came to shooting it was abs tensed and in the zone 😉

Me and the other two boys Sage and Mark were used for another shoot after. We had slicked back hair and had to wear suits. I got to wear a cool Prada suit and we had to be screaming and protesting in the background with Bianca Vandamme who was the leader. She was a trooper!! It was freezing cold and dark when she had to shoot and she was wearing a bra and trousers!!! She had a heater behind her but even I was cold in my suit! You can see me on the stairs and with my clone 😛

I’ll update this post with more pictures from the campaign when I get them. They will be used on the Equinox website and billboards in London and America for a year. The campaigns slogan is Commit to something Look forward to seeing it 😀 If you spot me in it tag me in a post on my instagram.

Equinox CULT_HORIZONAL-hpr copy
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Equinox CULT_HORIZONAL-hpr copy


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