If I could have told myself at 12 years of age I would be shooting with Ellen Von Unwerth years down the line!!!!

I remember admiring Ellen’s work when I discovered her with my friend looking for photography for an art project in school. I loved the shoot she did with Omahyra and Boyd. How fluid it looked gender wise how sexy and passionate.

More and more I’m believing in the law of attraction! Not only had it been a dream of mine to shoot with Ellen for years but I had walked around an exhibition for her book Heimat with Taschen a week before. So her images had been in my mind.

I shot with Prince and Jacob the day before for Galore Magazine and they mentioned that Ellen Von Unwerth was shooting Maddie Zeigler for Galore the next day. They toyed with the idea Ellen would want to shoot me and I could be a jock boyfriend in the shots with Maddie Zeigler. They sent over my Digitals to Ellen and she told me to come to the shoot but bring a blue football shirt.

I turned up the next day on my break from work to meet with everyone shooting at the Roosevelt in Hollywood. We walked around the Hollywood High school. Everyone was looking at us because we had an entourage of crew and Ellen was the photographing. Maddie started to get self-conscious and so did I but I knew the best thing to do was just throw ourselves into it and have fun.

Ellen asked us to play around in front of the camera which I loved. She set up the elements and then let you play. Maddie stepped in some dog poo while we were doing cheer moves and dancing which was so funny.

It’s hard to believe Maddie is 14 years old. She seems so much more grown up and has been raised well. What a lovely girl. We had loads of fun working together and messing around putting ketchup on me! 🙂

Hope you enjoy!!